Dr. Rajat Kathuria

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Name: Kathuria, Dr. Rajat

Specialization: Economics

Designation: Professor

Email: rajatkathuria@imi.edu

Qualification: B.A. St. Stephens College, Delhi M.A., Delhi School of Economics Ph.D., University of Maryland

Other Interest / Research Areas: Regulation

Faculty Profile:

An alumnus of Delhi School of Economics and St. Stephens College, Delhi, Prof. Kathuria is also a Senior Consultant with one of India’s leading policy thinks tanks, ICRIER. He has earlier worked with the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India in Delhi and with the World Bank in Washington DC. Besides, he has done research studies for international organisations such as UNCTAD and ILO and for national institutions such as NCAER and the Competition Commission. Professor Kathuria has publications in international and national journals and has co-authored a book on South Asian Economic Development published by Routledge. His overarching area of interest is regulation and competition policy. He has hands on experience with telecom regulation in India in an environment changing rapidly towards competition. Political economy played a crucial role in India in the march toward competition in the telecom sector. This aspect formed the basis of a number of research projects and research articles. He has also studied the telecom sector against the background of the Indo EU negotiations for the Trade and Investment Area and has written two research reports on the subject. Recently, Professor Kathuria has estimated the elasticity of internet penetration with respect to State Domestic Product across different Indian States. Besides teaching core economics courses, Professor Kathuria has lectured on the subject of regulation extensively in India and abroad. His research has been presented at various conferences in South Korea, Indonesia, UK, USA and Poland. The results of his research on the impact of mobile phones in India were presented to members of the European Parliament in Brussels.


  • Telecom Liberalisation: A Case Study of India’s Experience with Regulation’ in  Jaivir Singh (ed)Regulation: institutional and the Law, Social Science Press August 2007.
  • India and the GATS: Opportunities and Constraints, ICRIER, November 2004
  • Telecommunications reform and the emerging ‘new’ economy: the case of India (with Moazzem Hossain), World Review of Science Technology and Sustainable Development, Vol 1, No.2, 2004
  • Telecom Policy Reform in India, in Aaditya Mattoo and Robert M. Stern
    (ed.), “India and the WTO: A Strategy for Development,” World Bank and Oxford University Press October 2003 (with Harsha Vardhana Singh and Anita Soni)


“Telecom Regulation: Further Steps”, Presented Paper in Seminar Slumbering Shepherds: The State of Regulatory Institutions in India, 27th September 2007, Rajiv Gandhi Institute for Contemporary Studies

Telecom Sector Reforms, TrainingProgramme for IAS Officers on “Infrastructure Deregulation” TERI, New Delhi 6-10th August 2007

Symposium on Political Economy Constraints in Regulatory Regimes in Developing Countries, March 22-24, 2007

Interface Between Competition and Regulation, Workshop for government officials of Central Government Ministries, IIPA, New Delhi January 2007

Success of Telecom in India: Regulatory Impact or Technological progress?, World Bank June 1 2006, Washington DC

How autonomous Liberalization in Telecom can be leveraged: Presentation at Stakeholders Interaction with Director General, WTO New Delhi April, 2006.

‘LIRNEasia ICT policy and regulation’ Jakarta, October 2005

‘De-regulation and Privatisation in India’, XV Economic Forum, Krynica Poland September, 2005

Other Works:

Work in Progress:

  • Impact of Leased Line Prices on the Indonesian Economy, Lirne Asia
  • Field based study exploring potential for Consultancy Exports to Vietnam using Market Research Instruments
  • Prospects for the Telecommunication Sector under the Indo-EU Trade and Investment Agreement

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